Balayage Hair Painting: What is it and why do we specialize in it?

Well, we’re happy you asked!

Balayage is a freehand hair painting technique that creates super custom highlights. These specialized highlights pick up the natural peaks and valleys in your hair, allowing you to look sun kissed and glow-y (aka Victoria’s Secret model hair!).

The best part aside from having Victoria’s Secret model hair? Roots are minimal. It’s recommended that you refresh your balayage highlights every 3-4 months, but some clients go as long as every 6 months because the grow out is so smooth. This makes it well worth the investment.

At Haus of Pretty, Kelsey also offers ‘babylights’,  which is her curated version of traditional highlights. Depending on the look you want to achieve, she might place a mix of teeny-tiny foils strategically and artistically around your crown for an added pop of brightness and interest. This technique is used especially in her blondest clients that want the most impact with the least amount of root.

As with any color service, both balayage & babylights color techniques do require some maintenance. This may include future treatments, take-home products or glosses as planned by Kelsey.

Booking an appointment with Kelsey might be different than what you’d expect from a ‘normal salon’. Kelsey cares about your aesthetic design and ONLY does custom work. Consultations and appointments are held in her new private studio located in Westport, CT. During your consultation, Kelsey will discuss a game plan with you to make sure you ALWAYS have the hair of your dreams going forward. Consultation appointments are one on one and totally private, meaning you get to choose everything to your liking (down to what scent is put into the aromatherapy system!).

Lucky us, we’re also Davines retailers (the only ones in Fairfield County, actually) so we can give you the BEST specialized products to sustain your custom color and style at home (while saving the planet- it’s eco friendly!).

Haus of Pretty creates the best custom balayage hair color in Fairfield County. Salon located in Westport, Connecticut

We look forward to seeing you at the HoP studio, pretty!